Best satellite decoders to watch channels for free

Find out which satellite decoder to buy :

DTT channels are already boring, and that’s why you are looking for a way to watch all the channels totally free, without subscriptions or fees. Because in case you don’t know, you don’t need to pay a fee to enjoy thousands of channels that are broadcasted in free-to-air thanks to satellite TV.

What you already know is that you need a satellite decoder, that is, a device that decodes the images that the antenna receives from the satellite. It doesn’t matter if you have an individual satellite dish (or plan to install one) or if you have a community dish.

In this guide, we give you all the information about the best satellite decoders to watch channels for free, and, in addition to knowing which one to buy, you will learn how to configure these devices to watch channels for free. Get comfortable!

1. Engel RS8100Y :

satellite decoder Engel RS8100Y

Engel is undoubtedly the manufacturer that sells more set-top boxes in our country, and it is no coincidence. After the success of the Engel RS8100HD, which has been leading the sales charts for years, we now have its update, the Engel RS8100Y.

In practice, it has basically the same functionalities, and it is one of the best IPTV decoders on the market.

It also has a PVR and TimeShift function, so you can pause any live broadcast and resume it whenever you want.

The menus of the different screens are multi-language and the operating system is quite simple, with accessible menus and easy configuration.

A rather important advantage of this receiver decoder is that it supports WiFi via USB, although it has an Ethernet port to connect it directly by cable, which is always the best option to take advantage of the full bandwidth.

It has an HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 and RS232 ports, as well as a CONAX card reader.

Firmware and software updates can be done via the internet or via the USB or RS232 port. The USB port can also be used to connect an external memory stick to play content, as in any other media player.


  • Operational in 2021 – Offers stability and good quality
  • PVR and TimeShift – Record programs and watch them whenever you like
  • Integrated WiFi


  • Not 4K

2. Fonestar RDS-584WHD :

satellite decoder Fonestar

The Fonestar RDS-584WHD is another of the pirate decoders still in operation in 2021. By way of summary, what we would highlight about it is that it has integrated WiFi and recorder functions. Now I go into details about this, but first let’s look at the most outstanding features, those that make this a candidate for one of the best current satellite decoders.

The first thing to take into account is that it allows several image output formats (from 1080p or full HD up to 480p), which means that depending on the quality of the satellite signal that the deco receives, you can choose the quality to watch any channel without cuts.

Although throughout this buying guide we have already said that for IPTV the receiver is connected by cable, it has integrated WiFi, so having the possibility of using WiFi or cable is always positive, especially for those installations where it is impossible to pull a network cable.

As we have seen in other products, it has a multimedia player function thanks to its USB ports, being able to play a multitude of video formats, images or music. The remote control allows to control all the multimedia functions of the set-top box, including the control of the installed web applications.

It has a multi-language menu and an electronic program guide, also known as EPG. As for the PVR and Timeshift functions, they are two features that allow you to pause, resume or record live channels so that you have control of what you are watching, without missing anything.

Among the opinions of users who have already bought it, most of them highlight one thing: it is one of the few pirate decoders that do not need to be updated to make them work. Once connected to the satellite dish, either individual or communal, it allows you to watch most national, German or French channels, for example. As we will tell you later, it all depends on the satellite to which you have oriented the satellite dish.

One aspect that could be improved with respect to other models and which users also talk about is that to configure it and start it up you need a minimum of knowledge or a tutorial, as it is not so simple.


  • PVR and TimeShift – For recording to external devices
  • Integrated WiFi
  • EPG Guide – To see minute by minute programming for each channel.
  • HD quality without cuts


  • Difficult to configure


satellite decoder GTMEDIA V8X

The GTMEDIA V8X is undoubtedly the best pirate satellite decoder you can buy, the best value for money on the market. It is, among other things, because it offers practically the same functions as the two previous ones for almost half the price. And if that were not enough, it is the best seller of 2021.

V8X is the most recent version of GTMEDIA and its main advantage is that it offers the most display options. Let me explain. Other models only work with satellite or IPTV. In this case, the GTMEDIA V8X works with satellite, IPTV and CCCAM servers.

It supports channel lists of up to 6,000 channels so you can enjoy any channel for free. With the right software configuration, it allows you to watch Movistar, OrangeTV and similar channels, among which of course we find soccer channels, action, series…

It has built-in WiFi but only for 2.4GHz networks, so whenever possible we recommend connecting it to the Internet via Ethernet cable. Otherwise, if you are looking for a good deal on a full HD pirate decoder, this is one of the models we recommend you to buy.


  • Up to 6,000 free channels
  • Satellite, IPTV and CCCAM – And it also allows to play multimedia content via USB
  • Quality price.


  • 2.4GHz WiFi – Since it integrates WiFi, why not go to 5GHz?

4. EDISION Piccollino S2 :

satellite decoder EDISION PICCOLLINO

The EDISION Piccollino S2 is the cheapest pirate decoder today, a model that at the time of updating this guide costs less than 50€ and that you can buy on Amazon with free delivery in 1 day for Prime users. You can see the price on Amazon updated by clicking on the image or the button.

It is a full HD DVB satellite receiver so you can watch all channels in very good quality. And it is main advantage is the ease of use. Unlike other decoders that we have tested, this model does not require high technical knowledge to start it up. If you have previously tried a satellite TV decoder, you will not have any problems with this one.

It has a PVR function, although to make it work you must first connect external storage, either an external hard disk or a USB memory, as in any other decoder.

EDISION Piccollino connects to the Internet via the Ethernet port. It does not have built-in WiFi, so if you need to connect it to a wireless network, you will need to buy a USB dongle. This is not a disadvantage if you were thinking of connecting it by cable, as this is one of the aspects that makes it cheaper, which is always a positive aspect.

Among the opinions of Amazon users, it is worth mentioning those that place it above FreeSat/GTMEDIA for quality, especially in terms of performance and quality. They also mention that there is a Telegram channel called “Edition en Español”, a support channel formed by users to help you get it up and running. It includes a remote control, like any other satellite receiver, but for our taste, it is a bit small.


  • Telegram support
  • Superior to GTMEDIA
  • Very easy to use


  • No built-in WiFi – Can be connected via USB which must be purchased at extra charge

Which satellite decoder to buy? Buying guide

Which satellite decoder to buy? Buying guide

To know which satellite decoder to buy and not to make a mistake, it is important to take into account some tips. Yes, with any model you will be able to watch satellite TV, but depending on the content you want to watch or the functionalities your decoder has, there can be important differences between models. These are the most important tips.

  • With or without satellite dish: Nowadays most decoders allow you to watch free channels without a satellite dish, something that is done thanks to the IPTV function that they incorporate. In order to make use of this functionality, it is essential to have the decoder connected to the Internet, preferably by Ethernet cable. There are also devices that can be connected to CCCAM servers to watch a large number of channels for free.
  • Channel recording: This is a function that some manufacturers call TimeShift and allows you to record the content that the channels broadcast live. Not only does it allow you to watch the content whenever you want, but it also allows you to pause or resume live broadcasts, which is very useful for not missing anything.
  • Internet connection: Nowadays, all the latest generation of pirate decoders have an Internet connection, either via WiFi or through the Ethernet port. Our advice is to connect via cable whenever possible.
  • Multimedia player functions: It is not uncommon to find satellite TV receivers that in addition to everything related to satellite TV act as multimedia content players. We can connect a USB stick and watch videos, movies, series, play music and even photos.
  • Apps/Smart TV: Among the satellite decoders there are also some that turn any TV into a real smart TV, being able to use apps, surf the Internet… It is another option to consider, although in this comparison we will focus only on what interests us, which is to be able to watch channels for free with these devices.
  • Resolution: Most products allow you to set the picture to be viewed in 4:3 or 16:9 format, depending on the TV you have. Ideally, it should offer high resolution so that you can watch channels of the best quality.

Important technical features to ensure that the deco does not “hang” :

What we have seen so far were the functions, but it is important to combine these functions with good technical features or specifications, which are what will ultimately make our decoder work properly and without outages.

Interchangeable tuner, a new technology that will allow us to receive the satellite signal in different ways: through the conventional satellite dish, DTT or through the Internet. Of course, we do not forget the Ethernet, another essential.

  • Processor speed: Just like a desktop or laptop computer, the processor of the satellite decoders is also very important, as your satisfaction with it will depend on it.
  • RAM: Like chocolate, the more the better. The most current satellite receivers have up to 1 GB of memory.
  • Operating system: It should be intuitive and easy to use, with well accessible and configurable menus and options. Fortunately, this is something we find in any TV receiver today. There are some that even incorporate Android to be able to install apps as if it were a smartphone.
  • Recording function: If there is one thing a deco can do and do it very well, it is to record channels.
  • Streaming: This technology will allow you to watch the different channels on other devices such as tablets or smartphones from anywhere in your home.
  • High definition: It is useless to have the best features if the satellite decoders do not offer good picture quality. Look for a high definition satellite decoder to watch all the content with the best quality.
  • Remote control: All of them include remote control, but they should have clear buttons that make it easy to navigate through.
  • Ports that should not be missing: The most basic, HDMI and USB to be able to play content you want with the best image quality. Nowadays it is practically impossible to find these devices without HDMI or USB connections.
  • Internet: It is essential that the receiver you buy has a WiFi or Ethernet port to be able to connect to the Internet.
  • Interchangeable tuner: a new technology that will allow us to receive the satellite signal in different ways: through the conventional satellite dish, DTT or through the Internet. Of course, we do not forget the Ethernet, another essential.

Best satellite receiver brands

If you want to know which are the best brands of pirate digital decoders, these are currently the best by far:

  • Engel: Engel is one of the few brands of pirate receivers that continues to work over the years. In fact, the RS8100Y is one of the longest-lived decos we have tested, as it has been running uninterruptedly since its launch.
  • Fonestar: Fonestar is another manufacturer that has in our podium one of its models, the RDS-584WHD. It is a model that has been in operation for several years, proof of the quality offered by this brand.
  • GTMEDIA: Appeared a couple of years ago and the line they have always maintained their satellite devices has been to make them more affordable.

Several of their models have been in this ranking for months being the cheapest decoders you could buy.

Where to buy a satellite receiver?

You may be looking for information on where to buy a satellite receiver, so here are the most recommended sites:

  • Amazon: Buying on Amazon is a guarantee, and not only because they have the best prices. An essential advantage is knowing that you will receive the package much earlier than in other online stores. In addition, within the same store you can see opinions and ratings from other customers, which is a guarantee for choosing the right model.
  • Wallapop and Milanuncios: In recent months we have seen more and more second-hand satellite decoders being advertised on these types of platforms, and while it is true that it all depends on which buyer we contact, we always recommend buying a new satellite TV receiver, mainly because it is the only way to have manufacturer’s warranty.

What channels will you be able to watch for free with a pirate satellite receiver?

The offer is as wide as the possibilities you have to move your satellite dish. To give you an idea, from Spain you can orient your antenna to receive channels from up to 38 different satellites. What does this mean?

Yes, you will be able to watch all channels. If you are looking for a satellite decoder to watch free pay channels (such as Canal Plus, Movistar TV, the Vamos channel and many other channels), this is just what you need.

If you have a communal satellite antenna in your block of apartments, you will not be able to move the antenna to the satellite of your choice, but you will still be able to watch the same channels: Movistar LaLiga, beIN Sports, Movistar Liga de Campeones, the list could be endless.

For those who are looking for how to get a “pirate decoder” to watch any channel for free, here is the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Next, we will see which are the most frequently asked questions to know which satellite decoder to buy:

When I buy the decoder, can I watch all channels for free?

No. Once you have configured everything, you will see the list of channels broadcast by the satellite to which the dish is oriented, but you will not be able to watch the channels.

Is it mandatory to have a satellite dish and Internet to watch the channels?

No, but it is recommended. To watch satellite channels the only mandatory thing is a satellite dish. An Internet connection will be useful to update the decoder or to access IPTV lists if the satellite signal fails.

How many megabytes of Internet do I need to have to watch IPTV channels without interruptions?

The more the better, obviously. From 25 MB downstream channels can be seen without problems, although it depends on the quality at which they are broadcast. To watch channels in full HD, it is ideal to do so with connections of 50 MB or more. Rural Internet lines or ADSL (which are becoming less and less common) may experience outages. It is important to know that if you are looking for something that does not require an internet connection, you will only be able to watch the channels through the satellite signal.

How do I update the decoder firmware to view all channels?

All satellite receiver manufacturers offer the possibility to update their devices and all of them do it via USB. In that USB you have to put some files and then install them in the decoder. Where to download them from? Unfortunately, you can find everything you need on Google

What is the difference between a satellite decoder and multimedia players?

Media players only have the function of playing content, either the content that we connect via USB ports or online content, as we can find in any app, such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … Be clear about this before purchasing a set-top box.