Best Portable Dryers of 2022​

Top 4 Best Portable Dryers of 2022​

Top 4 Best Portable Dryers of 2022

Do you want to dry your clothes faster in winter ?

In this article we are going to kill two birds with one stone: dry clothes fast and do it with a device that occupies much less than a dryer of a lifetime. The solution, as you can imagine, is a portable clothes dryer.

 Below we analyze the best portable dryers of today and give you some tips so you know which one is the best for you. Because getting your clothes clean and dry fast is now easier than ever. Pay attention!

The best portable dryers of 2022

1 – Secamatic Turbo Plus :

Secamatic Turbo Plus Portable Dryers

The first option we have to show you is the Secamatic Turbo+ portable clothes dryer from XSQUO, which has a very affordable price and will dry your clothes in no time. 

This consists of a 5-arm clothes rack that has a heat generator at its base and a zippered cover that will cover the rack. The only thing you have to do is to hang the clothes to dry, close the zipper and put the dryer to work. The operation is very intuitive, you must choose the operating time and that’s it.

 It has a timer of up to 180 minutes. The air will start circulating at a temperature of 65 °C, so you will not only get dry clothes, but also free of germs and bacteria. 

As the process is not done by friction, the textile garments will remain in good condition for much longer.

 You will be able to dry up to 10 kilograms of clothes and once the process is finished, you only have to disassemble your portable clothes dryer and store it anywhere in your home without taking up much space. 

Its power is 1000 W and it has a very low energy consumption. One point to improve is that, although it is perfect for clothes, when drying sheets or towels it needs a little more time.

Pros :

Cons :

  • Dries up to 10 Kg
  • Very small footprint
  • Low consumption
  • Garment sizes

2 – NEWTECK Secadry XXL :

NEWTECK Secadry XXL Portable Dryers

Now we present you the NEWTECK Secadry XXL portable clothes dryer, this is a cabinet type dryer that has the capacity to dry up to 10 kilograms of clothes and store up to 15 kilograms of clothes.

It consists of a cabinet with 3 levels (the middle level is removable) with a stainless steel structure, which has a hot air generator at its base that ventilates the clothes in a range of 360°. On top of the cabinet is a cover, which keeps the air inside so that the garments dry in a short time.

To start the dryer, simply select the drying time on the timer from 30 to 180 minutes and the air will immediately begin to circulate. The clothes will come out dry, free of bacteria and will stay as good as new for longer.

It is also a safe dryer with automatic shut-off in case of overheating. To move it from one place to another it has four wheels. Its power is 1200 W.

Pros :

Cons :

  • Dries up to 10 Kg 
  • Dries and disinfects – With UV light 
  • Dual function – Tumble dryer and clothes storage cabinet 
  • Has wheels
  • It is large

3 – Concise Home :

Concise Home Portable Dryers

If you need a large portable clothes dryer, then the Consice Home portable dryer may be all you are looking for. It comes with a very affordable price tag and promises to get your clothes dry and sanitized in no time.

 It is a cabinet-shaped dryer consisting of three stainless steel hangers, a heat generator and a thick canvas cover with a zipper. 

The heat generator has a top air outlet to evenly ventilate hot air at a temperature of 65°C. The maximum power used by this machine is 1000 W and the timer is up to 180 minutes. 

Its use is very intuitive, just choose the drying time and wait for the dryer to do its job, it has a capacity to dry up to 15 kg of clothes.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and since it has wheels, it is very easy to move it around, even when loaded with clothes.

Pros :

Cons :


  • Dries up to 15 Kg 
  • Low consumption 
  • Easy to move


  • Nothing

4 – Bakaji

Bakaji Portable Dryers

The cheapest portable clothes dryer on the market is this one from Bakaji.It is a cylinder-shaped dryer very similar to the famous Secamatic, but it is cheaper.

 It is a structure with a five-arm rack and a heater at the bottom that blows hot air and distributes it through the dryer to completely dry all the clothes. The ventilation system allows you to choose between hot air or room temperature, ideal for the most delicate clothes, as the hot air option reaches a temperature of 65º.

It has ventilation so that the moisture can leave the dryer, which translates into being able to dry all the laundry much faster. It has a drying capacity of 15 kg according to the brand, but in our opinion it is a somewhat lower figure, as the size of the hangers is not very large.

Pros :

Cons :

  • Dries up to 15 Kg 
  • Size 
  • Good price
  • Nothing