Best Butane Gas Stoves Winter

Best Butane Gas Stoves For This Winter

Do you know how much gas stoves have evolved in recent years? They are no longer what they were years ago, and if there is one good thing about technological advances is that they are becoming more efficient and safer.

You’ve probably arrived here looking for information to know which one to buy (Orbegozo; De’Longhi; Forcali, …); for which it is essential to have tried all of them. We’ve tested and compared the six best sellers on Amazon and we’ll tell you our impressions.

1. Orbegozo HBF 95 Stove :

 Orbegozo HBF 95 Stove

We start with the Orbegozo HBF 95, which for us is the best gas stove at the moment. It has 3 power settings to adapt it to your needs.

The only thing is that it has 3,500W of power, something that might make you think that it heats less, but this is not the case.

Imitation wood is not only aesthetic thanks to the real flame, but while the stove is lit this imitation material reaches the red hot, producing more heat and imitating the characteristic sound of burning embers.

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect is the low fuel consumption: one cylinder can last for up to 3 weeks when the stove is used for several hours a day, which makes the HBF 95 stove a very attractive option.

It has three power levels and the ignition is piezoelectric; to turn it on just turn the key and press the button and it will start automatically.

Another interesting aspect is that it has a triple safety system, which turns off the stove if: the flame fails or is defective or if the atmospheric analyzer detects that the concentration of carbon dioxide is excessive.

The third safety system has to do with the ignition, as it is by button, in no case we must expose ourselves to light the flame manually with a match as was done in the old stoves. It is a model with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

After testing it for several weeks we have realized that, although it is not the most powerful, it is more than enough to heat all types of rooms.

Its three power levels allow us to regulate the size of the flame at any time: more flame = more heat. In addition, the size of the imitation wood flame varies according to the power level.

With it we have realized one thing: at the beginning, it is best to set it to maximum, and when the room is already warm, leave it at minimum to maintain the temperature. This saves a lot of fuel.

Another thing we get asked a lot: what is the maximum surface area it heats? It depends on the power level we want to set.

A flat of 60 square meters ends up heating it all if it is at maximum. For rooms or living rooms of up to 30 meters, for example, you can leave it at the medium power level.

Conclusion: if you intend that in addition to heating it also looks good as a decorative element, this blue flame gas stove looks good in all types of rooms. And besides, being one of the most energy-efficient, you will save a lot on butane.

2. Orbegozo HBF 90 :

2. Orbegozo HBF 90 :

Continuing with Orbegozo, in the blog we are also very used to talking about this brand for its commitment to the welfare of customers who buy their products, also in the heating sector.

The Orbegozo HBF 90 blue flame stove is one of the most economical purchase options that we can currently find in the market.

It has 3 positions to adapt the heating power to your needs at all times, put it at maximum power at the beginning to reach the desired temperature quickly, and then leave it at a minimum so that the temperature is maintained.

With 4,200W of power, the Orbegozo HBF 90 is capable of heating rooms that can reach an area of 30 square meters without any problem.

In fact, in the reviews of the stove, we can see that there are users who have it working in larger commercial premises and that it heats them without flinching.

We have been able to test this particular model for a month, which is more than enough time to get to know its strong points.

It is the most powerful model, and this, together with the blue flame technology, makes heating even the largest rooms a breeze. To be more specific, it is capable of heating a 25-meter living room in just over ten minutes. And by heating, we mean raising the temperature from 16 to 20ºC. That’s almost nothing.

Another aspect that we have been asked a lot about is the start-up. Is it easy to light this gas stove?

As it has piezoelectric ignition, by turning the knob we are already activating it and it starts up by itself. You don’t have to do anything else. Forget about lighting it with a match or a lighter as in the stoves of yesteryear.

Finally, the issue of consumption: does it use a lot of butane? This is like everything else. If you always have it on at maximum you will use more than if you are a bit more careful in this regard. We repeat our advice: when you turn it on, turn it to the maximum and when the room is already warm, turn it to the minimum to maintain the temperature.

3. De’Longhi VBF 2 Stove:

De'Longhi VBF 2 Stove

DeLonghi is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of home comfort appliances. We are talking about the DeLonghi blue flame stove VBF 2, the only model with an adjustable thermostat. What this allows you to do is to regulate the size of the flame at all times and adapt the heat emitted by the stove to your needs. All other models have power levels, while this one allows you to regulate the size of the flame much better.

If the room where you place it is very cold, you can start by putting the stove at maximum power for a few minutes and, when the room reaches the desired temperature, you can lower the power to the minimum so that the temperature remains stable.

On the other hand, it is very important to remember that this gas stove complies with the current regulations in most countries, and also incorporates several very important safety systems that you should take into account:

  • Automatic shut-off system in case of lack of oxygen in the room. It incorporates an atmospheric sensor that evaluates the air quality at all times. If there is excessive presence of carbon dioxide, the stove switches off.
  • Automatic shut-off of the gas tap in case the flame goes out and to prevent gas from continuing to escape.

Assuming that this is not the cheapest model on the market, after testing it during the coldest months of the year, we can say that it more than meets the needs of any home.

We have used it mainly in a living room of 28 square meters, without the support of other heating systems; it has been able to raise the temperature from 16 to 22ºC in just 15 minutes. And then, once we lowered it to the minimum, it maintained that temperature without too much difficulty.

One recommendation that we are obliged to make is that if we have it in a room with the door closed, as time passes the atmosphere tends to load a little. It is advisable to leave the door ajar so that the air can be constantly renewed.

4. Orbegozo HBF 100 :

Orbegozo HBF 100

The Orbegozo HBF 100 has been one of the novelties of the brand, a blue flame gas stove that has come with the aim of providing something different from what we were already used to.

It does not replace the other blue flame models of the brand, far from it.

It has 3,800W of power, is available in three levels of intensity, and is energy class A, so the gas consumption is quite low.

The most characteristic feature of this model is that the front is covered by black tempered glass, except for the lower part which is transparent so that we can see the flame. It is a gas stove with a modern look that does not clash at all in all kinds of decorating styles. In addition, the tempered glass is quite warm and radiates quite a lot of heat, so the feeling in the middle of winter is very comfortable.

It has “piezo ignition” and a triple security system, making it a very safe option.

It’s also worth mentioning that, as it has a tempered glass front, it’s a bit heavier compared to the previous ones, but it’s still worth buying just for the warmth it gives and how pretty it looks.

What caught our attention is undoubtedly its design; the fact that it has black tempered glass on the front makes it look good anywhere. It’s about time some brand got around to bringing a modern gas stove to the market.

Fully recommended if you are looking for a stove that, in addition to heat the different rooms well, is beautiful and does not clash at all.

5. Forcali Stove :

The next alternative in ceramic panel stoves we find it in the Forcali, a stove that thanks to its technology offers a power of 4,200W.
You can make use of this power in three levels thanks to the selector that incorporates. It is very similar to the Cecotec, except for the fact that it is not foldable.
The ignition is piezoelectric, so you only have to press the button to start the stove.
It incorporates a triple safety system: if the stove detects flame failure, it automatically switches off the gas, and if it detects that there is a high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, it also switches off the stove.
Finally, it has anti-tip safety, shutting off the stove and cutting off the gas if the stove is not properly placed on the floor.
This energy-saving gas stove is ideal for heating all types of rooms, as it is very easy to transport thanks to the four swivel wheels that it incorporates.
Although it is not among the best sellers, it is another model that we have tested and that you can buy on Amazon at a good price. It is made of ceramic panels and has very good power and an important advantage over the blue flame ones: the heat, being by irradiation, gives a more comfortable feeling.
It is one of the cheapest gas stoves you can buy nowadays, so it is also worth the money. The cylinder is practically completely covered at the back.

6. Orbegozo H 55 :

If you are looking to buy a catalytic stove, the Orbegozo H55 is the best in the category of catalytic stoves.
It is a stove that has a power of 3000W, or what is the same, the capacity to heat a space of 30 square meters without any problem.
The catalytic panel in this case is double-layered, allowing it to accumulate heat more stably.
The ignition is of the maximum security, since being by means of a button it is not necessary to ignite it as the old stoves in which it was necessary to approach the lighter.
It also has three safety systems that will stop the stove from operating if something goes wrong.
On the other hand, this model incorporates wheels to move the stove from one place to another more easily. The ignition is by piezoelectric push button.

As we did with the other models of the brand, we bought this one to bring you to the blog our impressions and opinions.
The first thing that strikes you is that despite being quite a considerable size, it is very light and moves very easily.
We have even tried to move it from one side to the other with the cylinder inside and it moves just as easily. If it were up to us every time we go to the gas station to change the cylinder, we would carry it inside the stove so we don’t have to carry it
That said, let’s focus on how it works, which is what matters in the end.
The ignition is very easy; being piezoelectric, we only have to turn the key to the first position, hold it for a few seconds and keep turning it to make the spark jump.
What we like most about this model is that if we have lit it 20 times, all 20 times it has done it the first time and without waiting. If you’ve had other gas stoves before, you’ll remember that on older models you have to hit it a few times until it lights, especially if it’s cold.
Once lit it is not difficult to realize how powerful it is. Okay, it is the least powerful of all the brand, but being catalytic the heat sensation is different; it is not an instant heat as we have in the blue flame, but it is more sustained, it lasts longer, even when the stove has just been turned off.
The good thing about having three power levels is that we can set it to the maximum to reach the ideal temperature quickly and then turn it down to maintain it.
In short, our opinion of the Orbegozo H55 is that it is a model with an unbeatable value for money and worth buying if you are looking for an alternative and economical heating system for your home.

Which gas stove to buy? Buying guide

To modify the temperature of our home, either to provide cold or heat, it is important to take into account the surface of it and then choose a butane or propane gas stove that has sufficient capacity to heat it.

In addition to this, it is also important to consider the following aspects before buying one:

  • Proper ventilation is essential to avoid any kind of problem. Wherever you place it, always try to leave the doors open so that the air in the room is renewed regularly. This type of stove consumes the oxygen in the room, so it must be renewed.
  • Safety systems: Nowadays the different manufacturers of gas stoves have incorporated in their products a multitude of safety systems that you should take into account before buying a gas stove with blue flame. A safety system that automatically cuts off the gas tap in case the flame goes out and another one that automatically turns off the stove in case it detects that there is not enough oxygen in the room.
  • Price: Prices generally range from 70 to 170 euros. In this sense, our recommendation is not to skimp. Butane is a flammable gas, so it is best that it is running on a machine of the highest possible quality.
  • When analysing all the gas stoves we have not only taken into account the opinions that users have left on the different products, but we have also tested them all and based on our own experience to determine which one is the best of them all.

Types of stoves that run on butane or propane gas :

Many people tend to confuse these two types of gas stoves, and the truth is that there are differences between catalytic and blue flame stoves.

To understand perfectly all these differentiating factors, we are going to explain both technologies and you can choose between catalytic or blue flame depending on your needs.

Catalytic stoves :

As the name suggests, catalytic stoves heat by flame a catalytic panel that transmits heat to the environment by radiation.

With the passage of time, the catalytic panel can deteriorate due to its own use, although the products and materials with which the latest generation machines are manufactured are quite resistant to the passage of time.

Blue flame stoves or blue flame stoves ?

Blue flame gas stoves, on the other hand, heat by convection instead of radiation.

The butane gas burns in them at a higher temperature, thus getting the most out of the contents of each cylinder.

On the other hand, the service life of blue flame stoves is also longer: heating by air convection means that there is less risk of the stove’s components deteriorating over time.

Stoves with ceramic panels :

Ceramic panel stoves are the most similar to catalytic stoves, but instead of having one catalytic panel, they usually have three ceramic panels that can be lit independently to provide more or less heat.

The advantage of ceramic stoves is that they withstand high temperatures very well and give a more comfortable feeling than blue flame stoves, as they keep the heat for several minutes when we turn off the stove. Another advantage is that they are usually cheaper gas stoves.

Are blue flame or catalytic stoves better?

The catalytic ones can be a good solution, but if you are going to invest money, the best thing to do is to go directly for a blue flame. The use of fuel is greater, they provide more heat and have the capacity to heat more surface.

In short, blue flame stoves are better because they are technologically more advanced and because they obtain a better ratio between fuel consumption and heat generated.

Technical features about gas heaters that you should know about :

When choosing a gas stove, it is important to take into account its characteristics in order to buy the right one:

  • Power – This is the aspect we look at the most. The more powerful it is, the more surface it can heat. Most stoves on the market have power ratings of between 3000 and 4200W.
  • Thermostat – For us it is essential that the stove offers several power levels, and not only because you can regulate the temperature of the stove. The fact that you can adjust the power in several levels makes the stove consume less gas.
  • Type of stove – As we have already mentioned, we can differentiate gas heaters into three types depending on the type: catalytic, blue flame or ceramic panels. Blue flame heaters are the latest technology in terms of consumption, while catalytic and ceramic heaters are the “traditional ones”.
  • Piezo ignition – Being able to light the stove easily is also a must. Piezo ignition is a system in this type of heater that allows you to light it with the push of a single button. It is the spark that the stove needs for the flame to ignite.
  • Gas cylinder recess – Generally all models have a recess in the back to house the gas cylinder. All models include a cover for the back, but there are those who take more care in their design in this regard. Others simply place the lid for safety without thinking about aesthetics.
  • Wheels – It is essential that, in order to move the stove easily, it has four wheels, especially if we want to move it with the cylinder inside.
  • Safety systems – Finally and most important of all, make sure that the stove you decide to buy has safety systems to prevent accidents. Gas is still a fuel, so any precaution is not enough.

Best brands of butane stoves

Orbegozo :

Gas stoves from Orbegozo are among the best-selling stoves on the market, and best of all, they have models to suit all budgets.

Orbegozo is one of the best known brands of household products, standing out mainly for its excellent value for money.

In its product catalog, we find blue flame, catalytic, and ceramic panel models.

The blue flame models are the Orbegozo HBF 100, HBF 90 and HBF 95, and the catalytic model is the Orbegozo H55.

DeLonghi :

DeLonghi gas stoves are one of the best options if you are looking for an effective way to heat your home in winter.

As we have discussed before in our comparison to know which gas stove to buy, DeLonghi models are blue flame and are two: the VBF and VBF2. The only difference between the two is that the first one doesn’t have a thermostat and the second one does. Our recommendation is that you opt for the VBF2, as the price difference (which is very little) is worth it.

Cecotec :

Cecotec is a Spanish brand that has also broken into the heating products sector, and it has done so with a gas stove with ceramic panels that we have also had the opportunity to test.

Campingaz :

Another brand of gas heaters that has been ranked among the best is Campingaz. Something that stands out in this brand is that they have very extensive experience in devices that work with gas, such as stoves or barbecues, for example.

In the case of stoves, the advantage is that they have very good finishes, although they are somewhat more expensive models. You can find stoves of this brand on Amazon.

How to calculate the power of the gas stove to heat a room?

We have already talked about how important it is to know what is the surface of a room to choose a stove whose power is more than enough to heat it, so we want to show you how you yourself can calculate the power to heat a room using some very simple mathematics.

First of all, you must know the surface of the room where you want to place your gas stove to start with the calculations.

Let’s assume that we are talking about a room that has an area of 20 square meters, which is a measurement that can be similar to the size of the living room of many houses.

The surface area must be multiplied by 100, which is the calories needed to heat each square meter. In our case, the result gives us 2,000, which is the number we will take into account as a reference when choosing the power. In this case, we would need a stove of at least 2,000W. If you have come this far, pay attention to the following, it will interest you.

Keep in mind that this calculation is approximate. The number of calories needed to heat one square meter of the surface area also depends on where you live, the quality of the materials used to build your home and a host of other factors that can alter the result. In short, this is a calculation that is indicative.

It is always advisable to purchase a heating system that can provide a little more power than what we have obtained with the previous calculation, as in this way you can be sure to cover that series of factors whose calculation is more complex.

Tips to keep the stove from smelling like gas

Generally, gas stoves tend to smell, something that can make many people uncomfortable… but how do you make your gas stove smell free?

Most models produce a gas smell mainly at two times: when they are switched on and when they are switched off.

After testing all the models of the best gas stoves, we have come to the conclusion that, on the one hand, there are some stoves that naturally smell more than others.

The DeLonghi VBF2 is the one that has produced the most odor, while the Orbegozo imitation wood stove has produced the least. On the other hand, a good trick for the stove not to smell is to cut the gas supply from the regulator when turning it off; this way we get all the gas that is in the burners to finish consuming and thus produce the least amount of odor possible.

How to light a gas stove?

Despite the fact that this type of heating has been known to many for decades, there are those who still do not know how to light a gas stove quickly. We have tested the most sold on the market, so we will explain how to do it easily and quickly.

  • First of all, make sure that the cylinder has gas in it. You will notice it in the weight. Before installing the regulator, you can also try balancing it on the ground and pay attention to the noise. If it sounds like there is liquid inside, it has gas in it.
  • Open the regulator tap to allow butane gas to pass through.
  • Press the ignition button on the stove for 10 seconds to allow the circuit to fill with gas. If the stove has not been lit for a long time, press the button for 15 seconds.
  • Turn the knob or press the piezo ignition button, without suddenly releasing the button that allows the gas to pass and wait 5 seconds. After this time, release it slowly until you see that the flame stabilizes.
  • If you don’t get a stable flame the first time or if the stove goes out, repeat the process.

How to turn off a butane stove correctly?

You are probably looking for this because you have noticed that your stove does not have an off button.

Generally, in this type of stove, there is only one button to activate the spark that ignites the stove and another one to regulate the power.

To turn off the butane stove correctly, just turn off the gas flow from the regulator installed on the butane cylinder. This is the correct and safest way to do it.